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1. How tall can an ADU be?
2. How big can an ADU be?
3. Can I sell my ADU?
4. Can I rent my ADU and the main house?
5. Can I add an ADU to an existing garage?
6. Can I convert a portion of my house (eg basement or second floor) to an ADU?
7. Can I use my ADU as a short-term rental (STR)?
8. Can I convert my RV to an ADU?
9. Can I build a tiny home for an ADU?
10. I live in a duplex or attached townhome or condo, can I have an ADU?
11. Will an ADU require separate utilities?
12. Will an ADU require a separate address?
13. I have an existing dwelling unit that may qualify as an ADU, what if it's too big or too tall or too close to the property line?
14. I have an existing dwelling that may qualify as an ADU, why should I come to the City to get legal ADU status?
15. What if an existing living space can't meet building code to be an official ADU?
16. There are multiple existing ADUs on my property. Is this okay?
17. Will I be notified if my neighbor is building an ADU?