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City of Wheat Ridge & Sustainable Wheat Ridge Bicycle Rack Program

  1. WR.Sustainable.Transportation
  2. Application Description
    The City of Wheat Ridge and the Sustainable Wheat Ridge resident advisory committee are funding the capital and installation costs for bicycle racks in Wheat Ridge. Bicycle use reduces automotive traffic and pollution, while increasing community engagement. By improving the available bicycle facilities in Wheat Ridge, we aim to increase bicycle use throughout the City's public spaces.
  3. Application Guidelines
    Please read and understand the application guidelines prior to completing and submitting the application. If you have questions, please reach out to
  4. 1. Bicycle rack must be publicly accessible
  5. 2. Location must be in Wheat Ridge city limits
  6. 3. Bicycle rack must not impede pedestrian or vehicle traffic
  7. 4. Applicant must secure property owner permission
  8. 5. Property owners are responsible for upkeep of the bicycle racks
  9. 6. Funding awards are decided by City of Wheat Ridge Community Development department and Sustainable Wheat Ridge. The evaluation team will choose recipients based on community needs and impact.
  10. Contact Information
  11. Contact Information
    Applicant Information (if different from property owner information)
  12. Installation Site Information
  13. Please specify the location of installation and include a site plan similar to the one shown. When creating your site plan, please refer to the attached documents to account for the minimum setback distance from surrounding obstructions, as outlined by the City of Wheat Ridge Community Development Engineering Division.
  14. site plan example
  15. Please upload your completed site plan above
  16. Is this location private or public property?
  17. We will provide inverted U-shaped racks that have the following characteristics: Width: 16.5'' Height: 36'' Depth: 6''
  18. inverted u
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    By checking this box, you agree that you have read and understand the application guidelines and that you have completed the application to the best of your ability.
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