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Street Closure Request

  1. Disclaimer

    This form is to be completed by the Requestor and must be submitted ten working days prior to the event. Requestor will be notified via telephone of approval or denial. 

  2. Please specify the boundaries of the street closure. For example: Vance Street from 35th to 36th. 

  3. Please specify where you need the barricades. For example: 35th and 36th Street

  4. Please select which option describes your event*
  5. Contact Information

    An individual who can be contacted before, during and after the event

  6. Requester Information
  7. Requestor Acknowledgement

    Requestor accepts responsibility for this event and ensures that ordinances and codes of the City of Wheat Ridge and the State of Colorado are adhered to. Requestor shall also ensure accessibility to emergency vehicles through the area of the event.

  8. I have read and understand the Requestor Acknowledgement statement above*
  9. Please type your first name, last name, and the date

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