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Large Item Pick Up Application

  1. Large item pickup will not be approved for business, unit-type residences, such as apartments, town homes, or condominiums

  2. You will receive confirmation about your pick up time and item via email.
  3. Which day would you prefer to have your items picked up?

    Examples of Large Items ALLOWED for Pick Up

    • ONE piece of furniture, bed including mattress, box spring and frame, stove, oven, dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, sink, toilet, bathtub, door, window, water heater, gas grill (no propane bottle), swing set (disassembled) or bicycle

    Examples of Large Items NOT Allowed for Pick Up

    • refrigerator, freezer, or any item with Freon, microwave oven
    • wood stove 
    • television, computer monitor, and computer 
    • garbage bags full of trash or loose debris that will fit into a garbage bag or trashcan
    • trees, branches, or shrubs or mixed branches and trash            
    • household chemicals and paint, fuel tanks or cans, batteries, propane bottles, or closed drums
    • gravel, asphalt, pipe (any type or size), rock, sod, earth, concrete, brick, block, pavers, or roofing materials
    • tires 
    • engine blocks, car parts, or any small gas engine equipment 
    • materials or debris from a private contractor’s work
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