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Application for Municipal Contractors License

  1. The undersigned affirms that he is familiar with the Ordinances and regulations of the City of Wheat Ridge relative to building and construction within the City and shall at all times perform in compliance with the same as a contractor under the class of license hereby applied for:
  2. Municipal Contractors must provide the following four (4) items:
    1) Certificate of Insurance for STATUTORY WORKMAN'S COMPENSATION 2) Certificate of Insurance for PUBLIC LIABILITY of $250,000/person, $1,000,000/accident & $50,000/property damage. 3) $10,000 LICENSE & PERMIT BOND. Work done under each permit issued with this license bond requires a two year warranty period. 4) Corporation I LLC EIN (Employer Identification#) or Lawful Presence Affidavit (notarized with copy of authorized identification.
  3. Municipal Contractor:
  4. Contractors Licensed as "Class A" may also perform "Class C"
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  6. If not a Corporation or LLC, Lawful Presence Affidavit (notarized) & authorized identification must be submitted with application.
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