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WRPD Customer Satisfaction Survey

  1. WRPD Logo
  2. This survey is intended to gather input from the community regarding the overall competency of our officers and staff, the perception of officer’s attitudes and behavior, our community’s sense of security and safety, and to provide the department with recommendations and suggestions for improvement.
  3. How satisfied are you with the professionalism of the department?
  4. If you had a recent interaction with the Wheat Ridge Police Department, please answer the following questions:
  5. Your Role
  6. Was the officer courteous and respectful?
  7. Do you feel you were treated fairly under the law by the officer or staff with whom you had an interaction?
  8. Do you feel the officer listened to your concerns?
  9. Do you feel the officer took appropriate action, and explained things in a way you could understand?
  10. Did the officer respond in a timely manner?
  11. How would you rate the Wheat Ridge Police Department regarding law enforcement?
  12. How would you rate the impact of the Wheat Ridge Police on:
  13. Schools
  14. Community Events
  15. Education Programs
  16. Info on Social Media
  17. Do you believe that the Wheat Ridge Police Department officers and staff demonstrate understanding and support to community members?
  18. Do you feel that members of the Wheat Ridge Police Department are approachable and accessible to the community?
  19. How safe do you feel in Wheat Ridge:
  20. In general
  21. While shopping
  22. In your neighborhood
  23. In City parks and/or the greenbelt
  24. In the past year, has your sense of safety
  25. What is your biggest concern? (Check all that apply)
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