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Wheat Ridge Race and Equity Task Force Application

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  2. About the Race & Equity Task Force

    The City of Wheat Ridge seeks applicants to serve on a Task Force focused on advancing racial equity. The Race and Equity Task Force is directed to carry out a thorough review of City policies, services, and ordinances to identify policies and practices that contribute to discrimination. The Task Force will provide updates to City Council and will report recommendations, including ways in which success will be measured toward becoming a more inclusive and responsive community. Members will be expected to serve for at least one year.

  3. Requirements

    To qualify as a member of the Race and Equity Task Force you must 1) be a Wheat Ridge resident or have a connection to the city of Wheat Ridge (for at-large members), and 2) Be able to participate in bi-monthly evening meetings (virtual initially, may be in-person at a later date)

  4. Selection Process

    The Task Force will be selected by City Council to include between 12-20 total members. Each district will select 2-3 members and the Mayor will select the remaining appointments. There will be at least one member represented from each district, and residents must make up a major of the Task Force.

  5. Applicant Information

    All identifying information (including names, addresses and emails) will be redacted from all applications prior to the selection process.

  6. What is your connection to Wheat Ridge? (Check all that apply)*

  7. Choose the district in which you reside. (Check N/A if not a resident)*

  8. Would you be able to attend bi-monthly night meetings for one year?*

  9. Short Essay Response

    Applications will be reviewed anonymously by City Council. Task Force selection will be based on the responses to the following questions.

  10. Application Submission

    The deadline to apply is December 31, 2020 at 5 p.m. Applications that are not submitted online may be submitted by email to Marianne Schilling at Applicants may also fill out, drop off or mail the application to Wheat Ridge City Hall, located at 7500 W. 29th Ave. Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

  11. Questions?

    Please contact Marianne Schilling at with any questions about the Task Force or the application process.

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