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Public Information Request Form (C.O.R.A)

  1. Please list specifically what documents you want reproduced. Allow three (3) working days for a search of the records. Per the State of Colorado Open Records Act (C.R.S. 24- 72-203), if the request is substantially large, an extension of seven (7) working days is permitted. You will be notified prior to the three (3) days of any extension and all estimated costs.

  2. Are you needing an ADA Accessible Document?
  3. Fees

    Fees for copying, research, retrieval, and redaction involved in Public Information Requests are assessed per C.R.S. 24-72-203. 

    • Copies are $.25 each after the first 10 copies

    • Certified copies are $2.00 each 

    • Research & Retrieval $33/hour after the first hour (15-minute increments) 

    • Information transfer to Computer Media $30.00 each

    • Video DVD or Audio CD $30.00 each

    • Postage & Packaging for Mailing are Actual Cost

     Fees for other types of information requests will be assessed based on the City’s cost to copy or reproduce the requested item

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