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Ridge at 38 Pop-Up Patio Application

  1. Application Description
    The City of Wheat Ridge received a Main Streets grant from the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) to purchase three additional pop-up patios, similar to those in front of Right Coast Pizza and Audacity Lounge. The patios will be placed within The Ridge at 38, between Upham and Sheridan on 38th Avenue. This application is for interested businesses to request having a pop-up patio in front of their business and to provide information for City Staff to select which of those interested parties will receive the new pop-up patios.
  2. Application Guidelines
    Please read the Application Guidelines to be sure that your business qualifies prior to completing and submitting this application. If you have any questions, please contact Steve Art at
  3. • Business must be located along The Ridge at 38
  4. • Business must have a location in the public area to place the patio
  5. • Patio may not impede pedestrian or vehicle traffic
  6. • If the business and property owners are different, the business owner must acquire permission from the property owner for the pop-up to be on the site or in front of the site
  7. • Business must agree to enter into an agreement that the business will maintain the patio
  8. Contact Information
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