How to I fill out a lodging tax form if I list on Airbnb?

You must ensure your Airbnb account is set to collect the correct tax rate for your property. The City of Wheat Ridge lodging tax rate is 10%. Please contact your Airbnb provider if you have questions on your Airbnb account.

To report your monthly lodging tax form in your Wheat Ridge Munirevs account:

Please include gross receipts from all booking sources on Line 1, Gross Receipts.

If you had receipts from Airbnb bookings for that month place that amount on Line 2C. 

Any other platforms (VRBO, Home Away, etc. ) are not directly remitting taxes to us at this time and will need to be accounted for on Line 1. It is the responsibility of the license holder to coordinate its own Airbnb account; we cannot offer advice on how Airbnb’s platform works or how to make changes to your tax preferences.

If no tax payment is owed for the month you must continue to the end with a "Zero Cost Checkout" to complete your monthly lodging tax return.

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