What is the purpose of these regulations?

There are nine hotels in the City of Wheat Ridge with a total of 972 rooms.  While these hotels represent less than .05% of the total number of households and businesses in the City, the calls for service from the City’s Police Department to these establishments constitute approximately 10% of total police calls.   In order to address the significant public safety and related concerns involving hotels and motels within the City, City Council determined that it was necessary to adopt the licensing program for hotels in order to reduce the number of calls for service (CFS) at these establishments. The City’s interest in adopting these new regulations is for the protection of the health and safety of the public.

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1. What is the purpose of these regulations?
2. How do I obtain a hotel license?
3. What are the requirements of a hotel license?
4. How is the Call for Service rate determined?
5. How were the new CFS compliance numbers determined?
6. What is the Hotel License Addendum for Extended Stay Operations?
7. What would a sufficient guest book or guest log record look like?
8. What are examples of acceptable forms of identification that a hotel or motel could use when checking in a guest?