What is the Hotel License Addendum for Extended Stay Operations?

The Hotel License Addendum permits a hotel to offer extended stay operations beyond 30 days.  Changing all or part of an existing hotel to accommodate extended stays is considered a change in land use. As such a zoning review and approval is required and may require a special use permit approval. Please contact the planner of the day at 303-234-5931 or [email protected] to understand the steps in this zoning approval process.

To qualify for extended stay operations, the hotel must provide the following in-room characteristics:

  • Minimum size for entire unit: 300 square feet
  • Minimum size for living room: 120 square feet
  • A defined bedroom must be provided separate and apart from other portions of the unit
  • The following minimum kitchen/cooking facilities are required (but may not be located in the defined bedroom or bathroom): refrigerator, cooktop, dedicated sink, cabinets with cooking/dining supplies
  • The maximum sleeping occupancy per room or unit shall be two persons per dedicated bedroom
  • Personal possessions may not be stored within shared common areas, on exterior balconies, interior corridors or in a manner that prohibits adequate movement and ingress/egress within the unit, with the exception on balconies for items such as bikes, strollers, and coolers
  • Housekeeping must be available, although an additional charge may be made for the same

And the following common characteristics:

  1. The following common area amenities must be available to the residents of all extended stay lodging facilities:
    1. 24-hour desk staffing;
    2. universal wireless internet available included within room charge;
    3. In-room or common area laundry facilities adequate for number of gue
  2. A minimum of three of the following common area amenities shall be provided at the choosing of the extended stay lodging licensee, subject to the City’s review and approval:
    1. business center of a size at least 120 square feet;
    2. a fitness center of at least 350 square feet for every 200 rooms;
    3. a swimming pool at least 15 x 25 x 4 feet deep.
    4. meeting areas or conference rooms of a size at least 150 square feet
    5. on-site restaurant or other available food options provided adequate for number of guests

The City Treasurer has authority to determine that one or more of the common area amenities is not needed, when considering the age, location and size of the hotel property, and the portion proposed to be devoted to extended stay lodging.

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