How is WR2020 created?
Wheat Ridge 2020 will be a tax-exempt nonprofit organized under the laws of Colorado. A Nominating Committee is actively seeking approximately 100 individuals to comprise the initial membership of WR2020. These members will help oversee the work of WR2020 as it works in partnership with others to implement the vision for Wheat Ridge.

These members are the champions who will spearhead and support the organization. The Nominating Committee seeks a broad range of members that reflect the diversity of the community and represent local residents, local and regional businesses, employers, civic groups, and more.

WR2020 members are invited to contribute their energy, unique skills and expertise by providing ideas, execution strategies and support to the professional staff of WR2020. Members will be asked to participate in workgroups or subcommittees to help steer the organization and attend an annual meeting. Ultimately, WR2020 members will elect from among themselves a board of directors of 13-15 people with two members appointed by the Wheat Ridge City Council.

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