If I miss part of the message, what do I do?
At the end of every target notification message or phone call, you can press 1 to have the entire message repeated. If for any reason your message is cut off and you have questions or do not understand the message, a contact number will be provided for you to call for clarification.

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1. Who should opt in?
2. Will my information be sold or distributed?
3. When will I receive phone calls?
4. What do I do if I move?
5. Can I add my landline telephone number?
6. Can I enter my telephone number more than once at different addresses?
7. Do I have to enter an actual address?
8. Will I be solicited in any way at the phone number that I enter?
9. If I am in a location that is different than the address that I enter into the website for my wireless phone, will I still be contacted if an emergency affects the address entered?
10. After I create my online account, how long will it be before my phone numbers are “active” to receive target notification?
11. How will I know if I am receiving a target notification call?
12. Are there any fees associated with target notification?
13. Can I register to receive a text message target notification?
14. Is the target notification system able to assist individuals that are deaf or hard of
15. Can I select the types of emergency situations that I want to be included in the target notification and exclude others (i.e. wildland evacuations but not Amber Alerts)?
16. If I have a “blocked” phone will this impact target notification?
17. If I miss part of the message, what do I do?
18. If I make a mistake on my account and submit the wrong phone number/s how do I make a correction?