What is WR2020?
WR2020 will be a dynamic non-profit organization organized to:

  • Create an image for Wheat Ridge and promote specific features to select market niches, including residential, commercial, and employer
  • Facilitate more competitive housing development through incentives for and communication with builders, investors, home buyers, homeowners, real estate agents/brokers, the lending community and others
  • Encourage substantial improvement and maintenance in residential areas, commercial sites and public spaces
  • Promote development of designated commercial sites and clusters
  • Develop effective leadership through an engaged WR2020 board comprised of citizen, institutional and business representation

    WR2020 will initiate projects and will work cooperatively with the City, businesses and other organizations to implement them. WR2020 intends to complement--not replicate or replace—existing city staff and committee roles in planning, urban renewal, and elsewhere in government. WR2020 will have an Executive Director and a small, highly skilled, professional staff. WR2020 will initially be funded by the city and will develop additional sources of income.

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