Why create WR2020?
Settled in the mid-1800s as a rural farming community, Wheat Ridge has a rich and varied history that has become obscured in the midst of rapid surrounding urban and suburban development.

WR2020 is a community-based organization that is implementing a visionary strategy to reclaim and build upon this heritage.

  • Wheat Ridge does not exist in isolation. It is part of a large and growing Jefferson County and greater metro Denver area. Wheat Ridge City Council recently embarked upon a critical community assessment that revealed some startling findings about the city.
  • A community's population and household demographics have a significant impact on its commercial and civic vitality. Wheat Ridge's central challenge is its loss of strong households that are the backbone of every thriving community. These households are headed by individuals who are consistently employed, have the potential for upward mobility and engage actively in civic life.

    City staff, City Council and a team of consultants, Winston Associates and czbLLC, crafted a plan (The Neighborhood Repositioning Strategy or NRS) to position Wheat Ridge to compete more effectively with its neighboring communities to attract and retain engaged citizens, strong families and businesses. At the heart of this plan is the creation of an organization (WR2020) to implement ten interrelated strategies.

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