I received a Sex Offender Alert Flyer at my home. Should I do anything?
Try to avoid falling for companies that distribute flyers and use fear to make money off citizens. The most up-to-date information is available to you from the police department for free. You can also access the Colorado Bureau of Investigations website at http://sor.state.co.us/ for an abbreviated list. Please keep in mind, people who must register as sex offenders can be either children or adults. There are many crime types they could have committed, and many do not pose a significant risk to the general public. Individuals that must register as sex offenders are closely monitored by both the local police and parole/probation officers. They have paid, or are in the process of paying, their debt to society. They must re-enter society and live somewhere, just like someone convicted of robbery, burglary or other crimes. Because they are often targets of retaliation and anger, many move frequently. They are not deemed to be the most dangerous offenders- "sexually violent predator." If a sexually violent predator were to move into Wheat Ridge, we would hold community meetings to inform the public of the dangers. Currently, no sexually violent offenders live in Wheat Ridge.

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5. I received a Sex Offender Alert Flyer at my home. Should I do anything?