Is it illegal to throw a cigarette out of a vehicle?
City Code Sec. 15-24 makes it illegal to “dump, deposit, or dispose of any glass, paper, can, bottle, box, garbage, or trash anywhere on any street, alley or roadway.” You can do something about this by reporting the incident to the police. However, you must realize that these types of calls are a low priority for the PD as compared to incidents that endanger citizens (disturbances, domestics, traffic accidents, etc). Additionally, the constitution guarantees every citizen the right to face their accuser. Since the police did not witness the event, you must be able to identify both the vehicle and the driver/person who threw the object from the vehicle-not only at the time of the offense, but months later at trial. You would also be required to appear in court and testify and be cross examined reference the event. This is an obligation of every citizen who witnesses a crime.

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