What should I do if the City is on accident alert?
When wild weather strikes, or as a result of a critical incident that may deplete the police department’s resources, the City of Wheat Ridge will oftentimes declare Accident Alert status. But what does that really mean?
When accident alert is in effect, drivers involved in a traffic crash should exchange the following information:
• Name, address and phone number.
• Driver’s license information (including license number and date of birth).
• License plate number.
• Make and model of your car.
• Insurance information.
• And be sure to make note of the time and location of the accident.
Each driver is then required to visit the police department in the city where the accident occurred within 24 hours to file a counter report with police.
There are some instances where police will respond to an accident, even if accident alert is in effect.
• Crashes with injuries.
• Crashes where drugs or alcohol are suspected.
• Hit and run crashes where follow-up leads are available.
• Crashes where disabled cars are blocking traffic.
• And crashes involving city or other governmental vehicles.
Bottom line is this: When driving conditions deteriorate, slow down, take your time and try to stay off the roads if at all possible

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