Can a civilian ride with Wheat Ridge Police Officers?
A Ride-A-Long gives a citizen the opportunity to ride with a Wheat Ridge Police Officer on Patrol. Citizens can complete a Ride-A-Long form at the Police Department located at 7500 W. 29th Ave. The form cannot be completed on-line, as the department requires a signature to waive any action or claim against the City of Wheat Ridge in case of injury, damages, etc.
The following policies apply:
• Must be a citizen of Wheat Ridge.
• Must be a minimum of 16 years of age (Requires a Parent or Guardian signature if under 18)
• Must schedule the ride date and time at least one week in advance of the requested date.
• One ride-a-long per year is permitted.
• Rider is responsible for own transportation to and from the Police Department
Ride-A-Longs are subject to cancellation at any time at the discretion of the officer or team supervisor(s). Please call 303-235-2944 for more information.

The police department Ride-A-Long application can be found on this web site in Police Department under Ride-A-Long tab.

How do I swear out a warrant on an individual?

Citizens do not swear out warrants. Citizens need to file a complaint with the police department. If probable cause exists that someone has committed a crime the officer will apply for a warrant if appropriate.

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