How long will the Engineering review take?

The typical Engineering review time for most developments is ten to fifteen working days. This time frame may be extended depending upon the following conditions: 1. Technical scope and complexity of the development. A highly complex project will involve many different technical documents and ultimately require more review time than a less complex one. 2. The quality of the submittal. Full and complete submittals will minimize staff review time. Please keep in mind partial submittals will not be considered as being under review. 3. Existing staff workload at the time of the application. In an effort to treat every applicant the same, all submittals to Engineering are reviewed on a first-come first-serve basis. The total length of the Engineering review process involves items 1 through 3 above, and ultimately the number of re-submittals required to address all comments in a satisfactory manner.

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1. How long will the Engineering review take?
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