Q: How and where do I pay my fine?
You may pay by phone with Visa or MasterCard by calling 303-235-2835. You may pay in person with cash, check, money order, Visa or MasterCard at the Court Clerk's office during the regular business hours of Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (excluding Holidays). You must bring your copy of the summons to the Court Clerk's office. You may pay by mail with a check or money order to: Wheat Ridge Municipal Court, 7500 W 29th Ave, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033. If you mail payment, it must be received before the court date/due date listed on the front of the summons. Do not mail cash.
If paying by mail, you must: 1) Sign, date, and return the "Defendant" copy to the Court, 2) Acknowledge that you are entering a guilty plea, 3) Accept the points listed on your summons, and 4) Waive the rights listed on the back of your summons.

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