Planning Commission


The Planning Commission has two formal roles: regulatory and advisory.  They hold formal public hearings to review staff reports and land use applications; and they make recommendations and decisions related to zone changes, subdivisions, and code amendments.  Usually once a year or every other year, staff invites the Commission to participate in long-range planning efforts, providing comment and reviewing subarea plans for the City. 

Members are proud of their ability to help guide development within the City and to make recommendations or decisions that implement the City’s goals and guiding documents. Community members join to support the vitality of the City and to help shape the future of the City for generations to come.

The Planning Commission develops and prepares a Comprehensive Plan for the physical, economic and social development of the City. 

The Planning Commission also recommends revisions to the City’s development regulations (Chapter 26) through zoning code amendments. 

The Planning Commission meetings are held at 6:30 p.m. on the first and third Thursdays of the month in Council Chambers at 7500 W. 29th Ave. However, on average the Commission meets about 14 times per year. Planning Commission meetings are open to the public.  Historically, to participate in a public hearing, meetings had to be attended in person or comments were submitted to staff.  Comments can now be submitted online directly to decision makers through Wheat Ridge Speaks. Meeting agendas are posted about 10 days in advance, and online comments close the day before the hearing.  No sign up is required in order to comment. Learn more about public meetings, public hearings, and how to participate with this short guide.

Eight members serve on the commission, two from each district.


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Agendas and Minutes

 Agendas are available prior to the meetings.  Upcoming / Most Recent Agenda | View All 

 Minutes are also available following approval. Most Recent Minutes | View All