Carnation Festival

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For more information about the Carnation Festival August 10-12, 2018
Carnation Festival

Temporary Business and Tax License

  • Apply for the License: Use the first two pages of this form.
  • License Fee: FREE
  • Tax Deposit if You Sell Things: $50
  • Special Notes:
    • Post the license or keep it handy for inspection.
    • Already licensed? Great! Bring a copy of your license with you. No deposit is required. 

Sales Tax

You may include tax in the price to keep your sales simple, if you post a sign saying you do.
  • Sales tax applies to:
    • Sales of food
    • Sales of merchandise
    • NOT face-painting, henna tattoos, balloon bending, cheap object bending or neck rubs: pay tax when you buy supplies!
  • If you're licensed for the event only, the return is due within 20 days of the event.
    • The deposit offsets what you owe.
    • If you're a non-seller, please still file a ZERO return!
    • If you owe less than the deposit, a refund will be mailed to you.
    • If you're a regular license holder, remit the tax with your usual return.
    • ONLINE filing is available to all licensed participants.
    • What happens if you file late:
      • a 10% penalty or $15, whichever is more
      • interest
    • What happens if you don't file:
      • The tax deposit is forfeited.
      • We might not license you next year, or send flying monkeys to your door.


    • The Tax Division will be happy to assist you with any tax and licensing questions. Please view the staff directory for contact information.
    • Tax staff will also roam the event.