Land Surveying

Welcome to the Land Surveying information page for the City of Wheat Ridge! The information on this page is intended for the use by licensed Engineers, Architects, Land Surveyors, and Contractors working within the City of Wheat Ridge. The PDF formatted documents provided on this page are intended to be printed in blank form.  If you have issues accessing any materials; a file format prevents you from accessing the information; or require additional ADA assistance, please contact the Community Development Engineering Department at email: [email protected] or 303-235-2866.

The following information can be found on the tabs below:

General Information

  • Current City Datum - A small introduction to the City's Current City Datum that should be used while preparing any and all exhibits.
  • Land Surveying Information Packet - A combination of files of which should be reviewed or completed prior to the completion of any survey work inside city limits and submission of any documents for review.
  • Cover Sheet Items - Documents that provide the required note information for cover sheets with Plat submittals.
  • General Requirements - Required information to be included with the submission of any surveyed documents.

Current City Datum Conversion

  • Detailed information about how to survey using the Current City Datum.

Land Survey Maps

  • Land Survey Maps - A collection of documents containing information related to the GIS Survey and Control list, the Horizontal & Vertical Base Map & the Right-of-Way sections maps.
  • City of Wheat Ridge Legal Boundary - Contact information for the stamped legal boundary for the City of Wheat Ridge.

Monument Information

  • General Monument Information - Information regarding the City's requirements on which monuments can be used within City limits.
  • Survey Monument Sheets - A collection of documents containing the official monument records of the City that contains pertinent land surveying and geodetic information.
  • Addition Monument Information - A link to the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies regarding their Colorado Land Survey Monument Record, Master Index and Monument Record Filing Instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • A list of questions and answers often received by the engineering department regarding property lines, section ties, basis of bearing and more.
  1. General Information
  2. Current City Datum Conversion
  3. Land Survey Maps
  4. Monument Information
  5. FAQs

Current City Datum

The Current City Datum is a ground-based, modified form of the NAD83/92 State Plane coordinate system which must be used on all Final Plats per the Wheat Ridge Municipal Code of Laws. The Current City Datum is related to Colorado State Plane Central Zone 0502, and all documents containing a legal description, such as an Outline Development Plan, Final Development Plan, Final Plat, Right-of-Way Deed, or Easement, must be on the City of Wheat Ridge Current City Datum. Refer to the Current City Datum Conversion tab above for more information.

Land Surveying Information Packet

A collection of documents containing the City's Geodetic Surveying Requirements, a Section Tie Example, Final Plat Review Checklist, and Survey Monument Instructions within Public Right-of-Way, used by city staff during their respective review of submitted documents. 

Land Surveying Information Packet
This form is in PDF format and designed for you to print a blank form

Cover Sheet Items

Documents containing the required cover sheet information with the plat submittal. Confirm your subdivision type with your Planning case manager.

General Requirements

  • All submitted documents will comply with the requirements for Jefferson County's recording.
  • All final plats must comply with the Colorado Revised Statute Article 51, Title 58.
  • Additional requirements can be found at inside the City of Wheat Ridge municipal code at Section 26-410 - Application Contents.