Funding / Financing

Property Taxes
  • An urban renewal area is not a taxing district. Increases in sales and property taxes due to redevelopment can be used to help finance redevelopment projects (Tax Increment Financing).
  • Existing funds are sales and property tax increments collected within the Town Center Urban Renewal Area.

Authority Annual Budget

Colorado local government budget law requires that a proposed budget be submitted to the governing body by October 15 and that a public hearing and adoption of the budget occur before December 31. The annual budget for this calendar year is available by clicking the link below.

Authority Annual Budget 2018

Authority Annual Budget 2016
Authority Annual Supplemental Budget 2016

Authority Annual Report

Renewal Wheat Ridge began producing an Annual Report in 2013. The report is submitted to the governing body in the first quarter of each year for approval.

Most Recent Report
Previous Reports