Personal Training

Let's Get To Work!

Backed by science and delivered with passion, our trainers will develop a personalized training program that fits your body and lifestyle.

Intro Session

  $60 R / $65 NR
1 HR Assessment + 1 HR Training
Required to begin personal training.

Assessment Only

$30 R / $35 NR
30 Min Training  $25 R / $30 NR
60 Min Training  $40 R / $45 NR

Better Together

Pair personal training and nutrition.
10 (30 Min) Combo Sessions  $225 R / $230 NR
10 (60 Min) Combo Sessions  $350 R / $355 NR
20 (60 Min) Combo Sessions
  $600 R / $605 NR

Annual Packages

Includes weekly personal training, 3 assessments, 2 nutrition consultations and an annual pass to the Rec Center.
1 Training Session Per Week: $175 R / $180 NR per month
2 Training Sessions Per Week: $300 R / $305 NR per month
3 Training Sessions Per Week: $425 R / $430 NR per month

$20 fee will be charged to your account without 24-hour cancellation notice to your trainer.

Personal Training Process

  1. Fill out a Personal Training Packet and turn in at the Wheat Ridge Recreation Center front desk.
  2. Our Fitness Assistant will call you to set up an appointment for an assessment.
  3. Attend your assessment. You will be asked to pay on the day of your assessment and this will include the payment for you first training session.
  4. The assessment will show us where you are at, help to determine what your goals are, and allow us to pair you with the appropriate Personal Trainer.
  5. A Personal Trainer will be assigned to you. Your Personal Trainer will call you usually within 48 hours to schedule an appointment to begin training with you.
  6. You are expected to warm up and stretch on your own before and after your training session to allow the trainer to focus on the exertion portion of the workout. Your Personal Trainer will give you a specified warm up to complete prior to the start of your session.

Additional Services

For information on Computerized Fitness Assessments and Bio-Electrical Impedance Analysis (BIA), please visit Additional Services.