Resident Information

Wheat Ridge embodies the deep roots of a City with a rich history and a strong sense of community. Its central location provides shorts commutes to major interstate highways, the majestic Rocky Mountains, and the amenities of the large metropolitan City of Denver, Colorado. With easy access from I-70, you can be skiing, hiking or participating in a wide range of internationally-acclaimed mountain sports in less than an hour.

Wheat Ridge “roots” were first established during the Gold Rush of 1859, when the City served as a rest stop for miners headed to mountain gold camps. It was later named Wheat Ridge for the golden ridges of wheat noted by travelers passing along the Overland Trail. As unsuccessful miners returned to the area and began farming the rich, fertile soil, the community began its growth. Wheat fields were converted to fruit orchards and vegetable fields, attracting buyers from all across the Denver area. Eventually the fruit and vegetable farming gave way to greenhouses and the largest production of carnations in the world, earning Wheat Ridge the designation of “Carnation City.”

Here are some resources that may be helpful whether you just moved to the City or are a long-time resident.

Wheat Ridge Phone Book

Find out what City Departments to call and where to find services in the Who Ya Gonna Call phone book.

Trash Service / Recycling

The City does not have an official trash service company. You may choose any company you would like. Often people ask their neighbors for recommendations on trash service companies. Here are listings for some that serve the area.

Recycling Resources

There is not a city-wide recycling program but there are several recycling resources in the area. Here is a list

Special Districts

There are several special districts that serve the City and are separate from the City. Here are a list of Maps to find out what district you are in and the contact information for each.

More Resources