Wheat Ridge Historical Park


The Wheat Ridge Historical Park is located at West 46th Avenue and Robb St. It is home to the Wheat Ridge Historical Society and is often a favorite field trip destination for local schools.

Join Us for These Special Events!

  • May Festival at the Historic Park
  • Heritage Day at the Baugh House
  • Cider Day at the Historic Park
For more information or call (303) 421-9111 and leave a message. Visit the Wheat Ridge Historical Society website for other news and updates.

Sites Within the Park

The Historical Park sits on an acre of the original 160-acre James H. Baugh Homestead, the James H. Baugh House (listed on the National Register of Historic Places on August 12, 2012) and includes the Sod House (listed on the National Register of Historic Places on March 14, 1973), a museum dedicated to the history of Wheat Ridge, the Coulehan-Johnson Cabin (originally relocated from Johnson Park), Wheat Ridge’s first post office, and a variety of other features and traditional farm equipment.

Historical Park

The Historical Park is devoted to depiction of the original Baugh homestead from 1859 to 1889. A path in the tall prairie grass gives visitors a small sample of the arduous and often deadly passage settlers had to undergo to cross mile upon mile of prairie to reach their destination.

Some areas of the park have been cleared for crops and orchards. Seasonal demonstrations in plowing, planting, and harvesting take place in these areas and provide a rich living history learning experience. Other period activities are performed including animal husbandry, log hewing, apple cider pressing, and cooking.

Exhibit Hall

This section of the outbuilding was constructed in the mid-1940s from lumber recycled from the razing of the original Baugh Homestead barn.

19th & 20th Century Farm Equipment

The Wheat Ridge Historical Society's collection is quite substantial though mostly well worn. On loan at this time are the beautifully restored pieces Paul Muller uses with his team of Belgians. They're colorful and designed for a specific farm chore, be it plowing, cutting, threshing, or baling.


The Museum at the Historical Park is operated by the Wheat Ridge Historical Society. It is open for tours Tuesday thru Fridays from 10 am to 3 pm. For information, please call (303) 421-9111 or go to www.wheatridgehistoricalsociety.org.