Floodplain Notifications

Warning Systems
Flood warning options for citizens along both Lena Gulch and Clear Creek include:
  • Radio and television emergency notices
  • Telephone notification via a reverse 911 system
  • New Emergency Warning System (to be operational this spring)
The Emergency Warning System will consist of sirens capable of sounding warning tones and providing verbal instructions to residents. Six sirens are currently being installed along Lena Gulch and Clear Creek using a grant from the 911 Board (also known as the Jefferson county Emergency Telephone Service Authority). Five additional sirens are being pursued that will complete the coverage of Clear Creek.


Each year the Wheat Ridge Police Department participates in various flood warning and emergency management exercises. From time to time, the Wheat Ridge Police Department may test the various notification resources they have for flood warning purposes.

If you have any questions, you may contact the Engineering Divsion at (303) 235-2846 for details regarding floodplain information, or the Wheat Ridge Police Department for emergency information.
Emergency Warning System