Planner of the Day

General Questions

For planning and zoning questions, a "planner of the day" or POD is available on a daily basis to answer questions by phone, email, or in-person.  The POD email ([email protected]) and phone line (303-234-5931) are checked regularly throughout the day, and responses are typically provided within 24 hours, except for weekends and holidays.

Walk-in customers are welcome between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m., however an appointment is highly recommended if you plan to come to City Hall, because the POD may be in a meeting or working with another customer. Hours and availability are provided here.

Zoning Questions

You can find out the zoning on your property by visiting the interactive property information map and turning on the zoning districts layer. If you need help finding your zoning or have other zoning questions, they can be answered over phone or email. Specific property information is helpful but sometimes only a street address is necessary. If there are questions regarding the location of a property, or an interpretation is required, the planner may request more information detailing your question before giving a response. 

Where it is desired to have formal written confirmation of zoning and zoning compliance, such as a zoning verification letter, a research fee will be required.

Learn More

You may email your question to [email protected] or call (303) 234-5931 and leave a message. 

For inquiries regarding an active development case, you may refer to the project map and contact the case manager, or contact the POD.

If you are proposing new development, the POD may recommend that you set up a pre-application meeting. A pre-app is required for most land use applications and many building permit applications (including commercial additions, modifications, and change of use).