The intent of a variance is to allow a property owner the ability to vary zoning standards. As a rule, a variance should only be granted when there is a unique physical problem (such as topography or irregular lot shape), if there are similar conditions in the area and when there would be no detriments to the neighborhood.

Variances of greater than 50% are decided by the Board of Adjustment. (This percentage pertains to the amount of variance to zoning and development standards. For example: a variance of 2' from the required 10' side yard setback resulting in an 8' side yard setback is equal to a 20% variance.)

Board Of Adjustment

The Board of Adjustment is a body of appointed Wheat Ridge citizens who review all variances over 50%.  For variances of 50% or less, the process is administrative. This means the Community Development Director is empowered to decide upon applications for variances for 50% or less without the requirement of a public hearing.