Pursuant to Colorado State law, any property split or modification of existing property lines require a subdivision plat approval from the controlling municipality. In the City of Wheat Ridge, subdivision processes are controlled by Article IV of the Zoning and Development Code. The City of Wheat Ridge subdivision regulations recognize a variety of subdivision types detailed below.

This section of the code does not apply in certain situations such as land division by order of a court for the settlement of an estate, by a foreclosure of a deed of trust or for the creation of cemetery plots. A Duplex Split is also exempt from the City's subdivision regulations; this process is used to divide ownership of an existing two-unit residential dwelling.

 Subdivision Types

 The City recognizes three different types of subdivisions. Each is subject to a different review process.

  • A Type I subdivision is any subdivision that conforms to all subdivision and zoning regulations and does not require a right-of-way vacation, waiver, or variance. A Type I subdivision is reviewed and approved administratively. 
  • A Type II subdivision requires a waiver or variance for approval and is reviewed by the Planning Commission.
  • City Right-of-Way (ROW) can be vacated by plat or by ordinance through a Right-of-Way Vacation. ROW Vacations require approval of City Council. 

 All platting processes require a pre-application conference with staff to determine the exact nature of the review necessary.


  • Review timelines:
    • Type I subdivisions take roughly four to five months to process and are reviewed administratively.
    • Type II subdivisions take roughly six to seven months to process and the Planning Commission is the deciding body.
    • Please contact the case manager to confirm current review times.