Making Your Business Uninviting

Good lighting, both inside and outside is probably the single most effective and inexpensive deterrent to burglary. Lighting destroys the cover of darkness burglars prefer to work in. Outside lights, preferably the sodium vapor type, should cover:
  • All points of entry
  • Alleys
  • Passageways
  • The back of the store (entry points, alleys, and passageways)
Inside lights are particularly important around the safe and cash register. Valuable merchandise should be illuminated too, but try to keep it out of display windows at night.

Store Arrangement
Arrange your stock so that a burglar working on a far corner of the shop could be seen by someone walking by. If you have a burglar alarm, make it obvious by placing a decal on the door, a decal on the window, or the alarm somewhere visible from the outside. Be sure not to have stacked boxes, a vehicle parked close to the building, ladders, or any other items in or around your store that could provide cover for a burglar.

Outside Stock
If you store some of your stock outside, it should be well-lighted and enclosed by a fence. The fence should be high and sturdy.