Contractor Licenses & Registration

License Process

You must hold a current contractor license if you will be doing work for compensation on private property in Wheat Ridge. The license process is intended to ensure the protection of Wheat Ridge businesses and home owners.

There are several classifications of licenses based on the type of construction you are qualified to perform. Evidence of qualification will be required in the form of a passing score on the appropriate ICC Contractor License examination or an active license with one of the following Colorado municipalities: Aurora, City of Boulder, Colorado Springs, Denver, Fort Collins, Pikes Peak and Park County. See Insurance Requirements listed on the license application. Supervisor licenses are not accepted.

License Classifications

  • Class 1 - Unlimited*
  • Class 2 - Limited*
  • Class 3 - Residential*
  • Class 4 - Subcontractors
  • Class 5 - Homeowner*
  • Class 6 - Structure Moving
  • Class 7 - Demolition
  • Class 8 - Plumbing

  • Class 9 - Mechanical*
  • Class 10 - Electrical (Registration only)
  • Class 11 - Sign
  • Class 12 - Fire Protection
  • Class 13 - Lawn Sprinkler
  • Class 14 - Roofing*
  • Class 15 - Electrical Signal (< 50 volts)

For Class 1-Limited, Class 2-Limited, Class 3-Residential, Class 9-Mechanical, Class 14-Roofing:

*Must provide copy of 2012 (or more current) ICC Testing or an active license from a reciprocating city with application. City of Wheat Ridge reciprocates with Denver, Aurora, City of Boulder, Park County, Pikes Peak, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins

Insurance Requirements

The insurance certificate must be provided with the contractor license application. City of Wheat Ridge shall be listed as Certificate Holder. Coverage shall include workers compensation and employer’s liability in the amount of five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000), General Liability Insurance in the amount of six hundred thousand ($600,000)- general aggregate and three hundred thousand ($300,000) for each occurrence. The City of Wheat Ridge must be listed as the Certificate holder.

Insurance Certificates can be emailed to or by fax to 303-237-8929