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  • Invests all City funds 
  • Monitors City cash flow on a daily basis
  • Signs all City checks

City Charter 2-23. Duties of Treasurer  
(a) It shall be the treasurer’s responsibility to establish a system of accounting and auditing for the city which shall reflect, in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, the financial condition and operation of the city.

(b) The treasurer shall be custodian of all public monies belonging to or under the control of the city, or any office, department, or agency of the city, and shall deposit or invest all monies as directed by the council. All interest earnings shall be the property of the city and shall be accounted for and credited to the proper city fund.

(c) The treasurer shall collect, receive, and disburse on proper authorization, all monies receivable by the city and all other monies for which the city is responsible for holding in trust.

(d) The treasurer shall supervise the staff under his jurisdiction.

(e) The treasurer shall perform all other duties as may be required by ordinance.

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