Property & Evidence Unit

The Property and Evidence function is responsible for all evidence and other property that comes under the control of the Police Department. The goal is to protect all property coming into the control or custody of the Police Department.

Property That is Evidence of a Crime

  • Is usually held by the Police Department until there is a disposition in the case and all judicial proceedings have been completed
  • Cannot be released until the District Attorney or the case officer advise the Evidence Technicians that the property can be released
    • A notification card is sent to the last known address of the property owner when the property is able to be released
  • May be auctioned, destroyed, or converted to City use in accordance with State law and City ordinances after it is released and if it is unclaimed or no owner has been identified

Release of Property

  • Is done by appointment only by calling 303-235-2952
  • Requires valid identification
  • May require some proof of ownership, depending on the circumstances
    • Evidence Technicians will notify inquiring individuals if this is necessary for the property in question.