Investigations Bureau


The Investigations Bureau is part of the Support Services Division. A commander is in charge of the Bureau and there are sixteen (16) detectives assigned. This includes a volunteer cold case investigator.

The Persons Team is led by a sergeant and has six (6) detectives assigned.

The Property Team is also led by a sergeant and has five (5) detectives assigned.

The Special Investigations Unit reports directly to the Bureau commander and has
  • two (2) detectives assigned to the West Metro Drug Task Force (WMDTF),
  • one (1) detective assigned to the Metropolitan Auto Theft Task Force (MATT), and
  • one (1) Vice/Intelligence detective.


The Investigations Bureau:
  • Reviews all felony crimes
  • Reviews over 2200 case reports a year
  • Oversees:
    • Property and Evidence Function
    • Sex Offender Registrations
    • Criminal Intelligence