Support Services Division

The Support Services Division, led by a Division Chief, a Commander, three sergeants and a civilian supervisor, provides investigative and administrative support to the department and the  Patrol Operations Division. Those areas include:


The Investigations Bureau, led by a Commander under the direction of the Division Chief of the Support Services Division, reviews all felony crimes and more than  2,200 case reports a year, and oversees the Property and Evidence Unit, the registration process for sex offenders, and the Criminal Intelligence detective. 

There are 16 detectives assigned to the department as well as two investigations technicians. Six detectives are assigned to the Persons Team and they are supervised by a sergeant. Five detectives are assigned to the Property Team which is also supervised by a sergeant.

The Special Investigations Unit reports directly to the Investigations Bureau Commander and includes:

  • The West Metro Drug Task Force (WMDTF), 
  • The Metropolitan Auto Theft Task Force (MATT)
  • Vice/Intelligence

The Wheat Ridge Police Department is nationally accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA).