Patrol Operations Division

The Patrol Operations Division is directed by a division chief and managed by two commanders. These are the uniformed men and women that patrol the Wheat Ridge neighborhoods, respond to emergencies, engage in community policing projects, and support various community involvement programs.

In addition, Patrol Operations runs four special units: Crime Prevention, SWAT, Crash and Traffic, and the Community Services Team.

Update on Noise Ordinance June 2021

The Wheat Ridge Noise Ordinance defines unreasonable noise; as any excessive or unusually loud sound, or any sound which disturbs the peace and quiet of any neighborhood or causes damage to any property or business, and continues for 15 minutes in a two-hour period. Read the Noise Ordinance 1713

Individuals, businesses and organizations planning to use amplified sound for events including amplified microphones or live music, must apply for and receive an Outdoor Amplified Sound Event Permit (OASEP) 21 days prior to the event date. Only eight permits are allowedd within a calendar year.  To Apply

An applicant wishing to hold more than eight outdoor amplified sound events per year for the same location, may apply for an Outdoor Amplified Sound Event Special Use Permit (OASESUP) to consider the allowance of a greater number of outdoor amplified sound events. To Apply

Learn more about the Noise Ordinance  

Safety on Wheat Ridge Trails and Tracks 

As residents and visitors are out enjoying Wheat Ridge trails and open space, WRPD offers a few safety tips for biking, walking or just simply enjoying the greenbelt along Clear Creek. Remember we also have a commuter rail line running east and west through the City so please be mindful of safety around the tracks and trains.