About WRPD


The Wheat Ridge Police Department (WRPD) is a state and nationally accredited agency dedicated to providing police services to approximately 31,000 citizens.
The department’s budgeted strength is 89 sworn officers and 20.5 civilian personnel who serve under the leadership of the Chief of Police. WRPD has two divisions, Patrol and Support Services, and receives an average 38,000 calls for service each year. How is the department organized? Take a look at the WRPD Organization Chart.
WRPD operates three watches, or shifts, to cover operations 24 hours a day. Each watch is staffed by two sergeants and 11-12 officers. Officers are assigned to one of four beats in the City. There are two beats in each of the City’s two sector. The East Sector covers all points east of Kipling and southeast of Clear Creek. The West Sector covers all points west of Kipling and northwest of Clear Creek.


The Wheat Ridge Police Department focuses on community policing: a problem-solving in partnership with the community. Many calls for service are more effectively handled by focusing on the problem and planning for a long-term resolution. The benefits to the community from this type of approach are: 

  • Officers are able to spend more time working with community members to solve crime and disorder problems;
  • With better communication, officers can more effectively use and share crime information with the public;
  • Officers who know both a community’s problems and its residents can link people with other public and private agencies that can help solve community concerns;
  • No single agency can solve complex social problems alone - a combined community-police effort restores the safety of our neighborhoods and business districts 


Exceptional people providing exceptional service.

Mission Statement

The Wheat Ridge Police Department is committed to providing the highest standards of service in partnership with the community.