Storm Drain Marker Program

The Storm Drain Marker Program is a program in which volunteers install drain markers on City and private storm drain inlets that have not already received a marker. The City of Wheat Ridge's intent is to install storm drain markers on remaining inlets with the assistance of volunteer groups.

Storm Drains
Amazingly, some residents dispose of used motor oil, antifreeze, household and garden chemicals, and other toxic or hazardous materials into neighborhood storm drains not realizing that there is a connection between the storm drains and our local waterways.

The storm drains collect stormwater runoff from all over the City before discharging it into our local waterways. Storm Drain Markers are designed to raise public awareness of this connection.

The Storm Drain Markers are 4" in diameter, manufactured using a high-impact plastic with U.V. resistant coatings and imprinting with a clear protective urethane dome applied to the surface. The City has approximately 2,500 existing storm drains that will need markers installed using an adhesive.

The manufacturer along with the following phrase located around the perimeter, "No Dumping Drains To Waterway", will place the chosen design and enhanced by a graphic artist on the markers. The City of Wheat Ridge is seeking volunteers to help install these storm drain markers. If you are interested in participating in this program please contact the City at (303) 235-2871 for more information.