Colorado Bag Fee

Colorado residents will be charged a 10-cent bag fee beginning January 1, 2023.

This new state mandate requires certain retail stores to charge a 10-cent fee for each carryout bag. Shoppers are encouraged to begin bringing their own reusable bags.

A portion of the revenue collected in Wheat Ridge from the bag fees will be used for the city's Sustainable Neighborhood programs.

Read the Colorado bag fee bill: Colorado HB21-1162

 A Guide to Bag Fees for Businesses: Eco-Cycle

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Bag Fee Graphic

Carryout Bag Fee Form

As required by HB21-1162 the receiving agency must track record of revenues received and track the amount of one-time use bags are being distributed.  The submittal of the form below will assure all parties are in compliance. 

Carryout bag fee form