Pay Online

To use the online payments system you must enter:

The 4 or 5 digit summons number to process payment.  The summons number is found on the top right of the summons.  There will be a 2nd validation prompt based on the type of summons being paid.

*The defendant's date of birth; orOnline Payment*For parking tickets only, the license plate number of the cited vehicle.

The following CANNOT be paid online:
Juvenile Summons

This service cannot be used after 11:59 p.m. the day before the court date specified on the ticket.

If you have questions regarding the plea bargain, contact the court office at 303-235-2835 or email at [email protected].

Continue With Payment

Transactions processed by our payment processor will not be confirmed immediately.

Please wait at least 15 minutes before confirming that your plea has been accepted.