Action Plan

Sustainable Wheat Ridge (SWR) reviewed current environmental sustainability practices across the City and community to draft this forward looking action plan to improve six City Council identified priority areas: 

Each priority focus area in the plan addresses aspirational community goals, indicators for tracking progress, recommended strategies for improvement, and estimated resource requirements, timelines, and impacts. The goals of each focus area are to enhance environmental sustainability, provide strong financial returns, and bring substantial benefits to public health, community cohesion, and livability for residents, business owners, and the City.

The plan recommendations will help Wheat Ridge meet the objectives outlined in the City’s 2035 Vision Statement. As part of this statement, Wheat Ridge is committed to environmental stewardship so that:

  • Residents have opportunities to recycle, to compost, to reduce air pollution, emissions, litter, and water waste, and to pursue urban agriculture.
  • Innovation on sustainability is supported and encouraged so that the City can continue to promote a safe and healthy environment and stewardship.

Wheat Ridge is an attractive and inviting city and community for families. Wheat Ridge has great neighborhoods, is a hub of commerce with a choice of economically viable commercial areas, and has diverse transportation. Wheat Ridge is committed to environmental stewardship and its residents enjoy an active, healthy lifestyle and are proud of their hometown.

Plan Outline


Overview of focus areas and key goals:

Communications and Engagement Goals

  • Communicate the SWR Action Plan to Council, businesses, and residents
  • Encourage and grow participation in sustainability activities, approaches, and programs within Wheat Ridge
  • Engage the community with implementation of the Wheat Ridge Sustainability Action Plan activities
  • Engage Wheat Ridge businesses and organizations
  • Create opportunities for feedback and input from community and City for ongoing sustainability initiatives.

Green Building Goals

  • Preserve Wheat Ridge’s distinct community character, small-town identity, and agricultural history while providing modern amenities and services which increase the City’s tax base
  • Encourage sustainable design infrastructure elements to support construction and renovation of buildings to create livable communities and promote green building practices.

Energy Efficiency Goals

  • Reduce the City’s municipal energy usage
  • Reduce commercial and industrial energy use
  • Reduce residential energy use.

Renewable Energy Goals

  • Promote renewable energy policy beyond City
  • Promote renewable energy within City
  • Implement renewable energy projects.

Solid Waste and Recycling Goals

  • Improve waste management behavior by residents, businesses, and institutions
  • Reduce negative impacts of waste management on city infrastructure and local environment.

Transportation Goals

  • Maximize development that substantially incorporates mixed use considerations and efficient transportation
  • Increase use of multimodal transportation choice
  • Increase traveler safety and environmental quality.

Water Goals

  • Improve stormwater management systems and increase water quality in all major waterways and water bodies in Wheat Ridge
  • Increase the adoption of water efficiency and conservation measures to reduce citywide water usage.

For more information please review the full SWR Action Plan.