Renewable Energy

WR.Sustainable.Renewable Energy

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A stable climate, clean air, healthy people, control of our energy supply, and a resilient economy are goals Wheat Ridge citizens can endorse. One way to reach these goals is through the use of renewable forms of energy such as placing solar photovoltaic (PV) or solar thermal systems on city and residential buildings and commercial property or by purchasing wind or solar credits.

The Renewable Energy (RE) focus area of the Sustainable Wheat Ridge (SWR) action plan addresses sources of RE for city facilities, residences, and businesses. The plan proposes a target of 100% RE for all uses, including buildings and transportation, by 2050. In order to reach this target, SWR has proposed the following interim targets (as percentages of total annual primary energy):

  1. 25% by 2025
  2. 50% by 2033
  3. 75% by 2041
  4. 100% by 2050

WR has segmented the RE focus area into three goals:1.3_solar_Photo by American Public Power Association on Unsplash

  • Promote renewable energy policy beyond the City
  • Promote renewable energy within the City
  • Implement renewable energy projects.

For more information on the RE focus area please see the SWR Action Plan. RE content starts on page 20.

Ways You Can Help Wheat Ridge Meet RE Goals

  • Windsource by Xcel Energy: You can help Xcel Energy make the switch to increased use of renewable energy! By joining Xcel’s Windsource program, you can allocate a portion of your electric bill to help fund wind energy on the electric grid. It only takes a minute to sign up!
  • Renewable Connect by Xcel Energy: This utility program delivers clean, solar energy with no equipment necessary and a chance to save money for residential or commercial customers.
  • Community Solar: Community solar projects—aka “solar gardens”—are a good source of clean energy for residents unable to place solar photovoltaic (PV) panels on their home or commercial space or for those that rent or lease. The City signed a Community Solar Purchase Agreement in March 2015 with Clean Energy Collective to participate in a solar garden project in Jefferson County, providing residents with increased ability to source clean energy. 
  • Solar PV or Solar Thermal at Your Home: The sun can be used to generate electricity through solar PV panels or pre-heat water for a water heater or swimming pool using solar thermal panels. Both methods can help reduce your electric or gas utility bills.