Green Building & Energy Efficiency

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The focus of Green Building is on high-level guidance based on the principles of sustainable building design to promote vibrant neighborhoods, create a resilient local economy, enhance community character, and ensure a sustainable future. 

Green Building is the practice of increasing the efficiency of how buildings and their sites use energy, water, and materials to reduce impacts on health and the environment. Wheat Ridge has limited horizontal growth opportunities. Strategic planning to utilize the available buildings and land wisely for new development, infill, or redevelopment and renovation is of critical importance. 

Buildings account for approximately 44% of our community’s energy consumption. Energy waste increases residents’ economic instability due to the price volatility of energy, exacerbates health problems caused by indoor and outdoor air pollution, and enhances the risk of detrimental effects caused by climate change.

Implementing green building and energy-efficiency measures in the City’s facilities and the commercial and residential building sectors is the most effective strategy, least expensive option, and the recommended first approach to increasing the City’s economic stability while reducing health and environmental risks.

Please see the renewable energy section for increasing non-polluting energy source choices.

Goals for Energy Efficiency outlined in the Sustainable Wheat Ridge (SWR) action plan are:

  • Reduce municipal energy use
  • Reduce commercial and industrial energy use
  • Reduce residential energy use.

Green Building goals recommended in the SWR plan are: 

  • Preserve the City’s distinct community character, small-town identity, and agricultural history while providing modern amenities and services
  • Encourage sustainable design infrastructure elements to support construction and renovation of buildings to promote green building practices and create livable communities.

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