Communications & Engagement


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We define communication and engagement as efforts to establish consistent outreach, advocacy, and stewardship relating to sustainability efforts within the City of Wheat Ridge. Effective communication and engagement is critical to the success of achieving sustainability objectives.

The objective of good communication and community engagement should be to inform and activate. To move Wheat Ridge toward a more sustainable future, Sustainable Wheat Ridge (SWR) recommends the City engage residents, businesses, and institutions during their day-to-day activities and routines. Educated and engaged residents become invested in their communities. By demonstrating leadership in sustainability efforts, the City will in turn find that its residents take ownership for their own sustainability practices.

There are five goals for the Communications & Engagement (CE) Focus Area:

  • Communicate the Wheat Ridge Sustainability Action Plan to City Council, businesses, and residents
  • Encourage and grow participation in sustainability activities, approaches, and programs within Wheat Ridge
  • Engage the community with implementation of Wheat Ridge Sustainability Action Plan activities
  • Engage Wheat Ridge businesses and organizations
  • Create opportunities for feedback and input from the community and City for ongoing sustainability initiatives

In addition to communicating the vision, goals, and plans for City and community wide sustainability recommendations, the City must provide venues for open dialogue and feedback from the community itself. This partnership of the people with the City allows for greater agreement in planning and decision-making regarding policy and actions.

Ongoing Projects

Current communication channels utilized in the City and community include: 

  • Local mainstream media
  • Connections Newsletter (online and print)
  • Mayor’s Matters e-newsletter
  • Social media
  • City website
  • Bi-monthly Sustainability Newsletter - sign up today!

These outlets provide information and share updates about progress and opportunities for broader public input. Keep connected with SWR by subscribing to website updates and by attending local events!

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