2005 Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy (NRS)

In 2005, City Council adopted the Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy (NRS) Report, Repositioning Wheat Ridge, and adopted its findings and recommendations as guiding principles for revitalizing the City.  Creation of the document took approximately seven months, during which time the project team evaluated the state of the city, the population and housing trends, job and retail sales trends, housing market and commercial inventory.  The purpose of the effort was to restore the City to a community of choice for homeowners and businesses.

Revitalization Process Objectives

The City's objectives in the 2005 revitalization process were:    

  • Attract and retain strong households      
  • Increase homeownership
  • Grow existing businesses
  • Add new businesses
  • Attract shoppers


The three recommendations of the 2005 report were to:

Managing Change

The second recommendation of the Repositioning Wheat Ridge report reads "Wheat Ridge must overhaul how the city and residents manage change,"  and the NRS provided these key factors:

Key Factors for the City to Successfully Manage Change

  • Updated zoning and related codes (ongoing)
  • Updated Comprehensive Plan (adopted in 2009)
  • New "Open For Business" attitude
  • Rapid response capacity in planning

 Key Factors for the Residents to Manage Change

  • Understanding of city planning terminology
  • Participation in planning processes by more citizens
  • Investment in leadership development and volunteerism
  • Leadership in Wheat Ridge marketing efforts
  • Compliance with high property maintenance standards

2005 NRS Documents