RTD G Line

G Line

The Wheat Ridge · Ward Station is the end-of-line station forRTD Commuter Rail Vehicle the RTD G Line commuter rail.  The G Line runs 11.2 miles from our station in Wheat Ridge, through Arvada, Adams County, and Denver to the downtown Union Station.  The G Line is expected to open later this year.  Commuter rail has many new, different features than light rail. Commuter rail trains carry more passengers, operate at higher speeds, make fewer stops, and offer different cargo space options for travelers.  The commuter rail train also operates on the A Line which provides service to Denver International Airport.

The G Line is expected to open later this year.  For current testing status, visit RTD's page: http://www.rtd-denver.com/g-line.shtml. 

Rail Safety Tips

Please use caution when crossing rail lines or when at the station area.  Keep in mind these important safety tips for you and your family:

  • Never trespass on any train track — it is illegal and dangerous
  • Cross the tracks only at designated crossings, always follow safety signage and obey warning devices like flashing red lights and gate arms.
  • Stay alert and look both ways for a train — you may not hear them coming
  • Stay off station platforms until they are open to the public.
  • Be patient and don’t ever try to outrun the train, on foot or in your car.
  • Don't ever try and drive around the barriers.

Additional Information

For additional information or concerns related to the G Line:

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